a7titude is a game of skill which seems to be easy but is difficult to master! There is still no way you'll ever stop playing, though, because you'll get caught up by the abstract level design and the crazy soundtrack from Norwegian electronica artist Binärpilot.

The game was developed in about 2 months for the Conitec 100 LOC contest. And besides making the actual game, the code shrinking was the hardest part: the game had to have a maximum of only 100 lines of code and a max. source file size of 10 KB. Dirty hacks, weird compiler defines, macros and other filthy things made the game meet the criteria. No one can read the source now, but who cares? I won the 2nd prize!

download game + src


  • Contribution: Full production
  • Duration: 05.-06.2008, release: 17.06.2008
  • Requirements: Windows PC, SM 2.0, DX 9
  • Technology: Gamestudio A7 Pro


  • Experimental game of skill
  • Singleplayer
  • Language: English
  • Features:
    • Challenging gameplay; two levels
    • Abstract graphics
    • Soundtrack from Binärpilot

HD / full AA-game production

I'm preparing right now a remake, but this time with state-of-the art AA-graphics, a friendlier gameplay, more levels - and cross-platform. To make this true, I need your help!

I want to help you!